There is so much more to real estate transactions than coming to terms on a price. You want an agent that can not only negotiate financial terms but who also understands many aspects relative to selling or buying a particular home. I have served the needs of homeowners for many years in various positions of municipal operations prior to becoming an agent. This has provided me with the knowledge and experience to better assist you in assessing positive and negative attributes of a property; issues around private or public utilities, easements, road ownership, taxes, assessments, conservation concerns, and many other areas.

My clients best describe me as a constant communicator, keeping them apprised of developments no matter how small. The process of buying or selling a home can be, and often is an emotional roller coaster  The quicker I inform you of progress, the more at ease you will be. The sooner you know about a potential issue, the faster we can team together to resolve it. 

Beginning with our initial consultation and carrying thru til closing I will be honest, upfront, and advocate firmly on your behalf.  In order to accomplish that I must understand your priorities, motivations, must haves, and nice to haves. This will allow me to develop a strategy specific to your needs and circumstances. I will use the latest advances in real estate technology, advertisement, and a wide network of professionals to best meet your goals.

Together we can do this!